Well That Was A Bad Idea…

03 Apr

The best new bar of 2013 was Northwood, not entirely sure why, apparently the beer selection is amazing? See, I wouldn’t know. I hate beer. That being said, I was still really looking forward to going there- just not for the beer. Apparently they make an amazing cold brew coffee (so much so that they sell it in giant bottles so you can take it home). What sealed the deal was the fact that they serve mini donuts with chocolate coffee pudding to dip them in. The coffee was indeed delicious and did not taste like coffee that someone had left out on the counter for a while. The only problem was that we were there in evening and I had an early wake-up the next day: not good*, especially given the coffee was rather large. We ordered wings as well to hold us over (we were meeting my sisters at Victory Cafe for some birthday mac & cheese). They had the most amazing breading and seasonings- I kind of wish we had been given more than four which seems like an unreasonably small portion, too small even for one person.



* I got maybe 4 hours of sleep that night, part of that was because we got home so late


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