Business Lunch

04 Apr

It finally worked out that I had a day off work and Brent had a business meeting downtown: we were set for a business lunch at The Chase, voted best business lunch. As a joke I was going to wear a blazer and some fancy-pants and present Brent with a folder full of pseudo-business papers. I quickly abandoned the business clothes as it was uncomfy and I did not feel like myself in it. As for the business papers, I got caught up playing GTA V and never really got around to drawing them up.


Brent had originally (accidentally) made our reservation at The Chase Fish & Oyster, i.e.: the slightly less fancy place downstairs. Quite frankly I wish we had been eating there instead. They were not kidding when they said best place for a business lunch. When we got there (it is on the 5th floor overlooking Yonge St) there were ties, blazers and uncomfy shoes as far as the eye could see. I overheard snippets of conversations about percentages and stocks and investments. Some groups actually had papers and laptops spread out at the more casual spots near the bar. I felt like Ferris Bueller and co. when they had their fancy lunch.


The place being so fancy we decided not to switch plates halfway through (can you imagine the stares?) and opted for just stealing a bite of each others dishes as covertly as possible. The dungeness crab with pasta was good, a little messy though. Brent’s dish won hands down- you can’t go wrong with steak.We split an order of fries as well, nothing says business lunch like fries.

I also enjoyed gawking at the wine list, Brent amused himself by finding the most expensive bottle of wine and having me guess the cost. Let’s just say my guesses were way off.



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