If You’re Already in The Kitchen

04 Apr

I finally got around to tackling some of the older recipes on my Pinterest board lest they sink further to the bottom into obscurity. Somehow one recipe turned into three. I was going to make balsamic-garlic pork loin. I had the (giant) pork loin roast defrosting in my fridge for two days when I realized: crap, I would not have anything to eat for dinner the next day unless I cooked a (sort of still frozen) pork loin. I took some chicken breast out of the freezer to make lemon chicken. Alas, the recipe called for marinating the chicken overnight. I figured if the chicken is marinating, so will the pork. I was already in the kitchen, best to make one giant mess than two small ones. I had also found crab at the grocery store that week. Two dishes were more than enough for one day however.

The pork loin had a giant bone in it that I first had to cut out of there, to make it fit in my tiny oven. At some point Brent poked his head in and mentioned that he was hearing a lot of hacking and I looked up brandishing a knife with pork fat hanging off it and said everything was fine. It took a lot of effort to get that damn bone out. At least now I have something for pork bone soup.


After everything going smoothly with the pork it is no surprise that the chicken dish almost failed. Turns out I forgot to adjust, given I was using one large chicken breast instead of 3-4lbs of “chicken parts.” I was desperately scraping thyme and rosemary off my chicken in a desperate attempt to save it. I managed to salvage it. I also managed to use up the sad little half lemon I had leftover from making lemon-blueberry muffins (wherein I learned that subbing in egg-whites for eggs is only OK in cookies, it fails terribly in cakes and cupcakes).


I was way too tired to attempt the crab cakes, I left those for the next day. They were the easiest to make of the three dishes. Very few ingredients and they all mix well together. I breaded mine, which for some reason is not in the recipe. The only downsides are that, as far as I know Old Bay seasoning is an American thing (I got it while in the US last year) and crab is expensive.


My freezer is now stuffed to the brim and I have at least the next two weeks covered for dinner.




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