Craving Unfulfilled

24 Apr

I was rather pissed when best frozen yogurt was voted as a place…. outside of Toronto. Outside of the city is not easily accessible to those of us living in the downtown core without a car. We lucked out because Brent’s brother (i.e.: someone with a car) was in town all this week, translation: I will finally 1.) get my froyo fix and 2.) see what the fuss is about with this Pacific Mall/amazing froyo.

We wandered the mall twice searching for this utopia of frozen yogurt to no avail. My craving only grew as I dreamt of Sailor Moon flavoured froyo (it had to be pastry flavoured):

Alas Yutopia was nowehere to be found, turns out it had closed down. I was mad. The hell did we go all the way to Markham with dreams of froyo for?!

Turns out best ribs was nearby at Memphis BBQ which was just another version/location of Big Bone BBQ. I had been angling to go to Big Bone ever since Brent told me about it a long time ago, alas there are no locations in Toronto. My anger subsided as I dreamed of mouth-watering BBQ. It was quickly settled, I wanted ribs… but I also wanted wings. Thankfully there was a meal that was a half order of each. Brent suggested I get the larger version as he was only getting a sandwich. We swapped out the side of beans for cornbread. Unfortunately they had run out of it, and we were presented with a plate of garlic cheese bread- no complaints here, I hate cornbread. The table was covered with food, we also had ordered a side of pulled pork. I was not too keen on the pulled pork or brisket as it hard to find good brisket and pulled pork in the city (other than Kaplansky’s and Beer Bistro)- and when it goes wrong, it is bad- there is no middle ground. Turns out I was right. The ribs were the winner by far, followed closely by the spicy honey garlic wings. Bonus points for the wings being both spicy and honey garlic (usually it’s either or). the ribs were well spiced, lots of meat on them and not dried out. Needless to say most of the fries did not get eaten as I filled up on meat. The coleslaw was quite terrible- but who cares when you are stuffing your face with ribs?!


We need a Big Bone BBQ/Memphis BBQ downtown- or at least a food truck. It would be nice to have amazing meaty ribs more often during the year rather than waiting for Ribfest season to roll around.


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