29 Apr

If you know me, you know I love, love, LOVE cookies. My love affair goes way back to a certain blue monster, whom I used to imitate (much to my mother’s horror, “what’s wrong with my child?” she thought as I monster-ate my food). I just about lost it when I found out about a place in Toronto, a stones throw from my house really: Red Bench. What’s so great about this place you ask? What do red benches have to do with cookies? It is a beacon calling me to the cookie mothership: they make custom cookies baked to order!!


Instead I found myself paralyzed by choice. What type of dough should I get? Once that was figured out, I had to decide on two fillings out of at least 12. It was a daunting task. In the end we settled on basic cookie dough with coconut and Snickers pieces. They also have cookies baked in the morning for sale in a jar. We split the brownie-cookie while we waited for our batch of 5 mini cookies to bake. It was as good as it sounds, brownie and cookie in one heavenly dessert. As if I was not already obsessed with this place: they also serve tea from Tealish!! Top it off with some frozen yogurt??! I wish I was rich. I would be there every freakin’ day for breakfast.


There is no sight more beautiful than a stack of 5 (not so) mini cookies presented to you, still a bit warm, fresh from the oven. The cookies were out of this world phenomenal. It’d be fun to go back and try out every possible combination, but here math fails me. I have no idea how many there could be, there are five base doughs to choose from, and more than 12 toppings I think! AUGH I need to go back!!! This is easily my favourite place in all of Toronto and my new go-to spot whenever out & about and feeling snacky.

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