Pizza Patio- Take 2

14 May

There is no better way to kick off the patio season than by back-tracking to previous fails- so long as the sun is shining and the weather is warm. That is unless there is a storm of epic proportions brewing inside of you. I was feeling awful, but I was also hungry and it was the first warm day of the year (as in you could go outside in a t-shirt and light sweater). F’Amelia was not that far of a walk (despite how far it felt in my sick state) for best patio to eat pizza.

I knew from last time to avoid any pizza that listed arugula as a topping, they are way too generous with the portions of it. This time I opted for the pizza that just had sausage and cheese, lest I end up with another salad pizza. It was nice to sit on the patio, munching my pizza in my downward-spiraling state, staring out at the street. It was nice until they turned on the overhead (it is a covered patio) heaters. Suddenly I was not sure if I was running a fever or if it was really possible to heat up the outdoors that quickly. At least there were no wasps, a common problem on patios.


The pizza was OK, better than last time but still nothing outstanding. I would take better pizza on a crappier patio any day though.



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