Brew With A View

27 May

Last weekend was the first nice weekend of the year, when you could go outside and not wonder if you should bring a scarf or sweater. As if we needed an excuse to go out for lunch on a best patio? It was so warm (hot really) that we went down to Against The Grain which is right on the waterfront. We were a little bit worried that the patio would be full, given the whole city was out and about, both for Doors Open and the weather.


Thankfully we were seated in the shade, I had had just about enough of the sun frying my face. The patio had a nice view of the lake and even of the Toronto Islands which were surprisingly close. To start we split a plate of pork tacos. They were the overall winner. The turkey club sandwich was ok, but for some reason they did not heat up the turkey. The bread was crunchy and still a bit warm from over-toasting, which was a stark contrast to the cold (!) turkey. I did enjoy the mountain of fries though.


Brent summed the patio up nicely: brew with a view. Against The Grain’s patio is best for lounging and sipping, the food wasn’t outstanding. The Arnold Palmer (lemonade and iced tea), now that was outstanding!




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