Condensed Cooking

27 May

It turns out I have been out of the kitchen for far too long. When I went back to make slow-cooker sticky chicken, I was shocked to find that my brown sugar had solidified into a rock-solid lump. Ack, I thought! To the internet! Internet suggested I put a wet paper towel over top of it in a bowl and microwave it. I was apprehensive to say the least. All it did was make the top part soft (and soggy) whereas the rest was still solid. Fail. I did get just enough for the recipe however and a little leftover for my next project.


(The chicken is delicious, the recipe is an easy new go-to).


I had been craving muffins, specifically oatmeal ones. I still had some applesauce kicking around the fridge and so it was settled: I would make applesauce cinnamon oatmeal muffins. I needed a snack for mornings when I would have to get up early anyways, perfect excuse. After making them I realized they loosely resembled horse food: apples and oats. They were good for healthy muffins, but nowhere near as good as a bad-for-you muffin.


My sister had the house to herself for a few weeks while our mom was away in Poland. We took it as an opportunity to take over the kitchen/eat really bad. We wanted to make cut-out cookies and I knew just the recipe for them. I had a vanilla-almond sugar cookie recipe on my Board for a long time and I was looking for the occasion to make them. Turns out we were missing a staple ingredient: vanilla extract, and so we replaced it with rum extract because at least it still goes with almond right? We also got a little fancy with our cat shaped cookies and decorated them with Nutella before baking. The dough was a bit crumbly and hard to work with at first (especially if you refrigerate it, it needs to warm up to room temperature before you can roll it out). The cookies came out amazing, so delicious!!! The cutting out is a little bit labour intensive though, I prefer making dough balls, so much easier.


For our last days of fun I could not resist making mini cheesecake bites. However, I had misread the recipe. I thought you were supposed to do half Greek yogurt, half cream cheese. Not Greek yogurt cream cheese (I know, I too have never heard of it). It turned out fine.  I also could not find any pre-made lemon curd so I opted for the next best thing: lemon pudding. It worked fine, no one complained. These are also rather labour-intensive but the healthy makeover more than makes up for it. Next time I will just make a big cheesecake and cut it into pieces.



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