02 Jun

The best sports bar patio, according to the list, is Scallywags. Here I could not agree more. The patio is located 2 floors above the bar and while the view is not much to look at (really, who wants to look at St. Clair West), the patio itself is really nice, almost a deck really. There are heaters overhead, which were a godsend given it was actually a bit cold on Wednesday (the weather has been nuts lately, hot cold, sunny rainy, every day is completely different).


Scallywags gets almost everything right (we will come back to that almost later). I hate sports, the only things I enjoy about sports are the mascots- the wackier the better (go Phillies!)- and the food. Nothing hits the spot like a big ol’ greasy bowl of french onion soup. So long as you don’t touch the bowl. Every spoonful of soup was a bit of umami, salty, greasy heaven. Easily the best french onion soup I have had in a long time. What else made Scallywags so great? Here is a point of contention one could argue: I love that all the TVs were off, read: no sports playing on the patio. That is my kind of sports bar: no sports playing therefore no drunk idiots yelling at the TV. Quadruple bonus points for that.


We had made the mistake of ordering a plate of nachos to split as an appetizer. We were going on a good streak, having remembered the golden rule: only order an appetizers if it is something super special (ex.: that time we went to Spago in Beverly Hills and ordered the appetizer version of the most expensive dish on the menu). Brent was so happy that the nachos did not come with beans that he overlooked that they came with something even worse: black olives! ACK! A lot of time was spent picking out olives, which was fine given we were both really full. We have certainly learned our lesson: nachos are a dinner in and of themselves, never ever an accoutrement. And these nachos did not hold a candle to Sneaky Dee’s.



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