Patio With A Side of Veggie

05 Jun

I had been dreading best patio for vegetarian/vegan food for a while, it’s not secret: I hate veggies. Looking over the menu at Live Organic and Raw Bar there were a few things (well 2 only) that caught my eye: grilled portobellos and soup. The soup of the day however was mushroom. At the time I thought nothing of it, forgetting how many times in the past I ate too many mushrooms and got sick. I was distracted by my bright fizzy drink, Fairy Dust and the really nice patio. The patio was like a backyard patio and so quiet, you could not hear the traffic of Dupont back there. It was quiet… except when the train rode past.



The soup was pretty good. The grilled portobello was outstandingly delicious, well grilled, and brushed lightly with oil. We had learned from last time and skipped on the appetizer, leaving us with room for dessert. At a vegan/vegetarian restaurant dessert feels like a super win, how can it possibly be unhealthy? And such a healthy dinner too. We each had a nut square, mine was the clear winner, you can’t beat chocolate and hazelnuts, even with almonds.



Mushrooms are not my friends. I really wish I had not just made a whole jar of pickled mushrooms   last week. I am afraid to try them and see if they even turned out.




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