Iced Coffee For the Win!!!

14 Jun

I am an unabashed coffee addict, I live for coffee, it fuels me and you do not want to see me without my morning coffee. Once summer rolls around however, my wallet loses few pounds. All my change goes to Tim Hortons for them damn-addictive iced coffees. They had me from day one when they first introduced them by giving away free ones. I was downtown, I hit up about 6 Timmies and did not blink the rest of the day and so was born my love affair with iced coffee.

That love affair only grew more a few months ago when I had the joy of sipping on a glass of cold brew coffee. One day recently, as I was paying for my iced coffee with my credit card,… maybe I should make my own iced coffee at home. Duh. I was not about to settle for brewing a lot of coffee and then just letting it sit and get cold- that is gross.


I found a recipe for cold brew that seemed simple enough. Except for the fact that I was lacking the key piece of equipment: a french press. I’ve never been big on french press coffee, too much work. All I had laying around was flavoured coffee (my secret weakness). I thought what the heck, might as well try it out. The first batch was about as strong as a regular cup of coffee- not quite what I was after. I wanted really strong coffee so I could add a lot of milk (no ice, ice is for suckers). I made the second batch stronger but combined it with the weaker one. I admit, it looks gross sitting in my fridge in a mason jar, and I worry it will fall over and spill.


But migawd, half coffee half milk with a dash of flavoured creamer (like I said, artificial flavours are my secret weakness)… and I am in iced coffee heaven.


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