Lazy Kebabs

14 Jun

Chicken was on sale for real cheap, and against my better judgement, I bought yet more chicken (I still have a bunch in the freezer). I had recently finally managed to find sesame oil and was keen on cooking something with it. Waaaay down at the bottom of my Pinterest board I found a recipe for Asian Chicken Kebabs which called for 4 chicken breasts. For once in my life I had the right amount of meat and there was no complicated math involved.


Lacking a barbeque to grill the meat, I instead opted for marinating it overnight and then tossing it with the peppers and onions into a pan and just baking the giant sticky mess. It smelled amazing, from the moment I set the chicken to marinate until the day after I had cooked it, my house smelled tantalizingly delicious. How good was this chicken? Brent ate a full serving of it. THAT is how good this recipe is. Another keeper.


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