Butter Tarts & Sushi

17 Jun

After a successful trip to the farmer’s market at the Evergreen Brickworks, I had worked up an appetite- bad news for the pint of strawberries I had just bought. After polishing almost half the container, I was ready to head back out again. On the agenda for our Saturday fooding: best butter tarts and best takeout sushi. I was finally in the mood for sushi again (my sisters and I had polished off a giant party platter of it back in May).


I was rather skeptical about these butter tarts, about butter tarts in general. Brent had never had one before and I tried to explain the taste to him: it’s like eating brown sugar suspended in a thick sticky almost-but-not-quite-syrup, sometimes with raisins, be careful if they are stale, they can be deceptively rock hard. My teeth hurt just thinking about it… and yet they are one of my top foods, it is too bad they are single serve. Andrea’s Gerrard St. Bakery had a chalkboard sign out front advertising their recent #1 label. That made me wonder, if it was all maybe hype? With a mouthful of butter tart,my eyes widened and nearly rolled back in my head. Brent: good? Me: you are lucky this is your first butter tart, don’t ever eat another one. Turns out what I had been eating all my life could barely be called butter tarts. This tart, this tart changed EVERYTHING. I have never been big on tarts. Changed. My teeth and stomach always hurt after butter tarts. Changed. These little heaven-tarts cannot be held in the same category with other run of the mill butter tarts, it’s just not fair- to either side. I was completely and utterly blown away. Migawd, I wish we had bought them all. I also wish they delivered. Or that I was capable of making butter tarts that good (assuming someone will divulge the secret, there has to be a secret). I wish I could say the same of the peanut butter chocolate tart that Brent got. It was not that good, in fact I traded back my half (missing one bite) for the last bite of butter tart.



Leaving the bakery we phoned in our order to Sushi Marche for lunch. I ordered a few random items, Brent ordered a meal. I really thought that because it said “2 pieces” beside some things, whereas others it said nothing that I would be getting single pieces of those. I was wrong. We ended up with a veritable sushi feast. There was so much sushi that we also had dinner covered. Well, Brent did. I was too full for dinner. The sushi was good, unagi for the win of course- but nothing crazy outstanding, but taht might just be my attitude towards sushi: delicious yes, but not craveable and not something I eat that often.


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