Pinka’s World Cup World Tour: Day 1

24 Jul

Sat. July 5, 2014:
Toronto flying to Dublin

We got the airport with plenty of time to spare, even more so because we had pretty much breezed through security (who would have thought? It was a Saturday afternoon after all!). Even with the first kiosk not letting me sign in, we still ended up with two hours before our flight even started boarding. Oops.

July 5, 2014 (3)

The fact that there was a David’s tea in the airport almost made up for Caplansky’s Deli not being open yet. Belgium got knocked out of the world cup before we even got there, thus ruining the title that I stubbornly stuck with for the trip: Pinka’s World Cup World Tour.

AerLingus was amazing; they had all of season 1 of True Detective, which was great but also horrible… I was supposed to be sleeping! Thankfully we got through 2 episodes before dinner was served. From what I had heard about airplane food I was not looking forward to dinner, but the beef stroganoff was not all that bad. The best part, as with all meals was the dessert: blonde brownie with chocolate chunks. I tried to sleep after, I did, I really did… alas I only got about 1 hour of sleep in total, even with my new travelling neck pillow.

July 5-6, 2014 flight T.O- Dublin (15)


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