22 Aug

We tried to go to Gabardine for dinner, but it turns out the place is super popular. There was a line-up of people waiting for tables. Pass! We would make a reservation for the week after, there was no sense waiting around for god knows how long just to eat mac and cheese. We had a list of back-ups. Next was the best patio to pretend to be a tourist… except we were one block away and it started raining. I kept making hokes the whole way that “vurst case” our next option was Wvrst.

I had been antsy to go Wvrst for a while now, I had heard good things about it. I pictured myself sitting down to a giant schnitzel or some good bratwurst by candlelight. I can honestly say I was not expecting cafeteria style seating at long tables. The place was crammed full of people. Thankfully a spot opened up at a smaller table right as we got there. The menu was all sorts of sausages. It reminded me of Hot Doug’s in Chicago without the giant line out the door. I settled on a pheasant sausage. Brent went to place our order while I held our table. Turns out they were sold out of it, so he got me the closest thing which was some other type of game bird, guinea fowl. The fries, voted best in the city, we supposedly Dutch frites. We were psyched, it had been a while and I was looking forward to it. What was brought to us was about as far from Dutch frites as it can get. The fries were shoestring, dark brown and laden with grease (we did get the duck fat option, but still). Dutch frites are supposed to be light and airy! The fries were still good, albeit a bit too salty sometimes. The only “Dutch” thing about it was that they came with mayonnaise-based dipping sauces on the side (they were better than the fries). The sausage was pretty good. But where I was expecting a sausage on a plate with a piece of rye bread on the side, I instead got a sausage in a bun that was too big for it. The sausage also came with the choice of two toppings (out of four). I could have done without them. One bite of it was just bun and sauerkraut and red pepper, then the next bite was sausage and bun. Not the best set-up.


The sausage was good, the fries were decent but it is overrated and I doubt I will go back there. Unless I have a giant group of people with me and we can secure a private table. The trouble with shared tables is you wind up near insufferable unreal people. The girl beside us was drunk and as a skunk and super high-pitched. She shouted everything and would laugh obnoxiously.


The best fries are still at Beer Bistro. Also Wvrst made a huge mistake on their menu by naming their tofu and paprika sausage a “kielbasa”, that is just plain wrong. Kielbasa= meat!


After we left Wvrst, Brent noticed that the shop below (Wvrst is on second floor) was a bakery, Forno Cultura. It was voted best new bakery of 2013, and most importantly: it was still open. Any bakery that is open that late, deserves the win best bakery. Even more-so when the owner gives you a free sample… an entire cookie! Win. The cookies were amazing, the chocolate hazelnut one was chewy and dense and it hit the spot.




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