Pinka’s World Cup World Tour: Day 18

26 Aug

Tues. July 22, 2014:
Brussels, Belgium to Toronto, Canada:

Somehow the early wake-up was less tragic than usual. Maybe because unlike usual, we would have time for breakfast? The Speculoos butter sandwich I had for breakfast got to be too much towards the end, the sugar was making my teeth hurt. Even on our last day, heading to the airport, it was raining.

July 22, 2014 Brussels (1)

I was sad that the trip was over, but I also needed a return to normalcy, no more McDonalds or walking for hours on end. It was a pain in the butt to get the free wi-fi at the airport, I had to register but I guess it was worth it to get more podcasts. In the airport I saw a Coca Cola machine that had Mannekin Pis on it; I will never understand the Belgians love of that statue. I was inexplicably already hungry before we had even boarded the plane. On the plane we were seated near the front, which was great because we were the first ones off it. While leaving the plane I noticed a lady had a duty-free bag that had a fancy tin of Speculoos cookies in it: CRAP, I could have been eating more Speculoos cookies!!! In Dublin, Ireland we had to go through security again and Brent had to toss out the Jupiler beers he had bought for Josh and Ryan. We joked that the security guard would probably fish them out later.

We were in the same terminal as last time, the crappier of the two. We did not have a lot of lunch options. We had to settle for Burger King, we had 3 hours time to kill and did not know if there would be food served on the flight home. The Double XL Bacon Cheeseburger almost killed me, I could barely finish the last bite it was so bad. I only ordered the damn thing because it had no vegetables in it. I stopped for coffee at Butler’s Chocolate Shop, it was so nice that they gave you a complimentary piece of chocolate with your order.

We sat around in the main lounge for a while. Being antsy, I kept getting up and walking around, looking in all the shops. We got to our gate just as boarding had started, we had timed it perfectly. We started watching The LEGO Movie before take-off, it was so good! but then the TVs got turned off for take-off and when they came back on our spot had not been saved. Brent’s TV was not working, so while it rebooted we had to share headphones and watch on mine. Then it took us a while to manage to sync up our screens so we were watching at the same time. After that we watched the first five episodes of House of Cards, it was addictively good. The dinner on the flight was not that good: spicy curry chicken and for dessert a spicy ginger cookie. On the flight I had my last Fanta of the trip. Later in the flight we were also given granola bars that were advertised as “better than kissing the blarney stone”, not much of a selling point that it tastes better than a rock.

July 22, 2014 (5)

Our flight landed half an hour early. After 18 days in Europe I was in desperate need of a few lazy days, sitting around doing nothing, a “vacation” as they call it.



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