Chicken and Wine

27 Aug

It took us a while after getting back from vacation to get back into the swing of things with fooding. Best Portuguese chicken* was re-voted… the new place, Sardinha Rei Dos Frangos was literally across the street from our old apartment. One Friday night we found ourselves back in the old neighbourhood, reminiscing and noticing all the little changes, including the chicken place itself, the sign was new. The place was really busy. It was also a little awkward, the woman serving us seemed confused that Brent wanted potatoes and fries, as if it is impossible for someone to not want rice. The chicken was amazing, and the sides were really good too (I had the rice and potatoes), much better than the previous place. We sat outside on the patio enjoying the warm summer weather. It was all well and good until a stupid wasp started buzzing around.


Camilla and Cathy had joined us for dinner, together we went off to Midfield, best wine bar and best wine bar patio. The weather was finally nice enough for an evening on the patio. And we finally had enough people to be able to split a bottle of wine on said patio.Good times all around.


* it has since been re-voted AGAIN, I just can’t keep up!



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