Milkshakes and Chicken

30 Aug

We booked a reservation at Rose & Sons, even though it is a small diner, mostly because they had the option to on the website and if we showed up and they had no tables, we’d be left kicking ourselves. It was a good thing we did, when we got there the place was packed. We were seated a long table with a group of annoying guys. Thankfully they left soon after we arrived and we did not have to listen to their incessant banter anymore. We were at Rose & Sons because they were voted best milkshake, but you need more than that for dinner. Especially if you are not very fond of milkshakes. There is just something about them, something I dislike.

What Rose & Sons actually deserves get voted as best is the fried chicken. The chicken was amazing, just the right amount of spicy. It was sticky and saucy but it still had the crunch of fried chicken under all that sauce. It was easily one of the best chicken dinners I have ever had, far better than the one from Momofuku and at 1/10th the cost too. I had a bite of Brent’s patty melt, and it was OK, but we quickly traded back. The mac and cheese that came with the chicken quickly became too much. It was way too cheesey and the bacon bits were not helping.


Brent ordered the creamsicle milkshake, a combination of two things I hate. I did have a sip, and it tasted exactly like a creamsicle. The other merit to the milkshake is the size. Rose & Sons got that one right: it is a reasonable sized milkshake, not the behemoths you usually think of when you think milkshake.



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