Best Greek

02 Oct

Best Greek food was recently re-voted to a non-Danforth restaurant (i.e.: not in Greektown!).Volos is located near the financial district in the middle of downtown. I was initially wary of a place that was not on the Danforth, but one quick glance at the menu and I knew I had nothing to worry about. I instantly fixated on the octopus dish on the appetizer menu. While we waited for our food we discussed the decor of the restaurant which was weird empty frames on all the shelves. We were soon distracted by some weird girls taking selfies in the restaurant and then outside of it, much to everyone else’s confusion. The octopus was just as the server had promised, amazing. I wish I had ordered another one as my main course.



The real winner of the night was the baklava. I was worried about ordering it, having flashbacks to gooey sticky messes at Taste of the Danforth, but no so at Volos. The baklava arrived still warm, the pastry was fresh and flaky, and most importantly: it was not ungodly sweet or stale and it came with a fork. The runner up was the rose wine, turns out what I had thought was rose wine all my life was just a watered down excuse for wine. Turns out it is possible for rose wine to have some body and flavour to it, who knew?! Alas, the LCBO does not carry Xinomavro Akakies wine. I would have hated to try and ask someone who worked there for it.



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