Go To Bread!

02 Oct


I was thrilled when I found out that best bread had been re-voted to Blackbird Baking Co. because that is a lot closer to my house, and I love any excuse to buy a really good loaf of bread*. Even better still, they have late hours! And is that was enough reason, as if you could still doubt why they were voted the best: they serve sandwiches. I was worried about going to a bakery so late in the day. What if they were sold out of bread? Sold out of sandwiches (aka dinner)??? What I should have been worried about was seating. When we got there the two stools were taken. The sandwiches were amazing, the bread was superb. As soon as we got home, I tore into the sourdough loaf of bread. It lasted a scant few days, as I would periodically hack off slices and munch on them throughout the day. For dessert we had also gotten a chocolate hazelnut cake, you’ve gotta if you go to a bakery. It too was amazing! A little part of me is glad that it is still a bit of a walk to Blackbird, otherwise I would be broke and fat and covered in crumbs.


* once I was walking home down Mt. Pleasant Rd and I was hungry, stopped in at Thobors for a baguette, easily ate at least a quarter of it on my way home, just tearing off piece after piece. I don’t know what it is with me and good fresh bread- I just love it.


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