Salad as Big as Your Head

02 Oct

Jacobs & Co. was voted best steakhouse and best Ceasar salad, yet it took us a really long time to get around to making a reservation and going. We finally had a good excuse: my birthday*, and still it took us over a month to get around to it. I was psyched after looking at the menu, and a little intimidated. It boasted a lot of different steaks, I kid you not, there was one for $1000. Not a typo, one thousand dollars. I (half)joked about getting it. But the size of it was off-putting. I am all for stuffing my face full of steak, but 42 ounces?! That is madness. I ended up choosing my steak based on size, 8 ounces seemed just enough. The menu is set up that the steak does not come with any sides, it is up to you if want any. I made the mistake of getting scalloped potatoes (I was craving cheese). Somehow I assumed it could not possibly be that big a portion size. I was wrong. For a super fancy restaurant they sure serve a lot of food.


Nothing will ever make me like salad (except most fruit salads, those are acceptable). I hate lettuce and all its various green, leafy stand-ins. If salad was just croutons and bacon then maybe I would like it. Lettuce is for rabbits and I will never grow accustomed to it. The Casear salad at Jacobs & Co has the added turn-off of being made table-side. It is rather awkward to sit there and watch someone make your salad in a tiny cramped space between tables. That, and the salad is HUGE. The bacon was pretty tasty though.


We were way too full for dessert, plus I really wanted to get out of there. A British lady had started talking about unhappy bodily functions. The whole night had been full of weirdos having dumb conversations. Some jerks talking about investments. Two other jerks having a “guys night out” celebrating that they had left their wives at home (how these two are not single is beyond me). With the bill we were given little coffee cakes. It was a nice touch, but I would have enjoyed it more had I not just overeaten.

I was worried about finding our way out of the place. When we first got there, our server led us down some stairs around some corners and I had not been paying attention. The restaurant is huge and it was up to us to find our way out. On the way I noticed the giant room where they dry-age their steaks. I had seen it on the way in, but it never occurred  to me what it was.


* you will never find out how old I am


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