Greasy Breakfast

03 Oct

I am no fan of the BLT: I hate bacon, lettuce AND tomatoes. Thankfully best BLT is now at The Stockyards, wherein they offer alternatives for breakfast: fried chicken and waffles! When the BLT arrived however, I took one look at it and thought “OMG that looks amazing” and I was not the only one. We were sitting by the window and a guy walked by, poked his head in the open window and inquired about the sandwich. He looked remiss that he could not come in and order one, he was walking his dog. The BLT was amazing, which says a lot coming from someone who claims to hate BLTs. The tomato was obscured in that it was not only fried… it was breaded. The lettuce was actually arugula (a green  I can occasionally stand the taste of) and the bacon, well it was damn good bacon. What else would expect from The Stockyards?


I had gone with the safe option and ordered the smaller of the two chicken and waffles options. Even still, the two pieces of fried chicken were enormous! I sat there looking at it thinking, “seriously? I am supposed to eat all that?”. The sauce on the waffle was surprisingly spicy. I was not expecting that- somehow it went well with the waffle. Up until now I never understood the chicken and waffles appeal. I am starting to get it now. The service was absolutely impeccable, by far the best service we have ever had anywhere.


Needless to say it was a long slow walk to the gym. Did I mention I was supposed to go to yoga after that giant feast? Yup. Thankfully I had an hour, which I spent sitting on a couch at Hart House bemoaning having overeaten again.



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