Oysters vs. Mussels

17 Oct

When Brent first told me that Beer Bistro was voted best mussels I was confused: better than Oyster Boy or Rodney’s?? Only writing about it now did I realize I had mixed up mussels and oysters.

It was really hard to tell if an order of mussels would be enough food for the two of us. The menu said that it came with a loaf of bread, not a bun. A loaf. I pictured something close to a full loaf of bread. Instead we got a rather large dinner bun. How was I know the menu writer was a liar?


The mussels were tasty, albeit at first glace I thought to myself: what is this? How dare they soak them in sauce! (I had them mixed up with oysters, which are eaten raw, unlike mussels which are served steamed usually in a sauce). Brent had eaten his part… forgetting about the bread. I did not make the same mistake, using it to sop up excess sauce. The mussels were a royal pain in the butt to eat. Here was a food calling out for being eaten by hand, instead served to you with a fancy little fork that was useless. The mussels were so saucy and slick it would have been impossible to eat with your hands, but easier than with the damn fork.

Mussels have this going for them: it is impossible to overeat, you will get infuriated trying to eat them way before that point.



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