Half-Price Wednesdays- Can’t Go Wrong

21 Oct

Lisa Marie restaurant in Toronto was recently voted best philly cheesesteak sandwich. All well and good until Brent was on the website trying to make a reservation. They don’t list a menu. That is because they change it all the time. We were going on a whim, hoping they would be serving philly cheesesteaks.


They were not on the menu. The special for the day was half price bottles of wine. A whole bottle would cost a little more than the 2 glasses I was intending to have. Sold! It simply made more sense to order the bottle.


The menu is set up as a tapas, sharing menu with larger and smaller dishes. We settled on one big dish and two small ones. The first one arrived about 10 minutes after we had ordered, bonus points for speed. It was unfreakinbelievable. Beef (mostly fat) wrapped in pork on a bed of green beans. I am not usually a fan of bacon, but mother of god this dish was amazing. So amazing in fact I found myself eating… green beans. Turns out green beans are not poisonous and quite tasty when drizzled with meat juices.


The second and third dishes arrived at the same time. While Brent tackled the porchetta wrap, I tackled the surf, turf and something else board. First up were the chicken wings. They were tasty, but not outstanding. Up next the ribs, I did not like one of the spices used. Would the calamari save the day? Nope. It tasted like canned tuna. What was going on?! Things had started out so well. I had a forkful of the sesame noodles by the calamari: those were outstanding. We swapped halfway and while the porchetta was good, it was not as good. Nothing came even close to the (god help me for saying this): wow factor, of the bacon-wrapped dish and the noodles. They were very well executed and are worth going back for again, as we hunt the elusive philly cheesesteak.


Needless to say there was no room for dessert and I still needed to finish the rest of the wine.



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