Halloween Dinner

29 Oct

When making dinner plans it is odd to go out specifically for roasted bone marrow. But that is what we did last weekend. The plan was to go to Black Hoof at open and order the city’s best roasted bone marrow (who knew that there was more than one place serving it?). We got there five minutes early… and found about six people bumming around outside. Gotta love a city where people queue up before the restaurant opens and wait around. Thank god for data on cellphones. While waiting around we looked up the menu and debated what else to get. Black Hoof plates are meant to be shared and you order a few different things.


To go with the roasted bone marrow we decided on horse tartare. Somehow horse had flown under my radar of trying different meats. It was served with a raw egg on top, but once it was mixed into the meat you could not taste it. Overall there was not much taste to the dish. Not because it was horse, or because of Black Hoof, I just find that raw meat does not have that much flavour to it. The bone marrow was amazing! It came with cilantro and sea salt on the side. It was so perfectly done. Not too greasy nor too salty. It was fun scooping it out of the bone and making little open faced sandwiches. I know it sounds morbid, but I was too busy eating and savouring to notice.


We were still hungry. We used a random number generator to decide what to eat next. Continuing on in the vein of ordering the more odd selections from the menu, we got the pigs-blood noodles and roasted sweetbreads. The sweetbreads were a seasonal thing, they did not have them there last time and they came with roasted pumpkin sauce. I was a little worried as the last two times we had sweetbreads, one was amazing and the other horrible, it seemed a very hit and miss dish. Somehow, not sure why, the sweetbreads (presented as little bites) tested exactly like popcorn. It was uncanny, and delicious.


I was wary of the pigs-blood dish because we did not know it would be noodles. On the board it was a giant confusing word that basically boiled down to: noodle. It was amazing, did not taste gross at all (given it was made with pigs blood after all). Again, so morbid, but so delicious.


We had enough room for one last dish. We broke with the odd tradition and ordered pork tacos. Sweet mother of god, we were not expecting a dish that amazing. We’ve had some good tacos before (yes, we had an in-depth discussion of Toronto Tacos during the meal). It is too bad most people go to Black Hoof for the charcuterie and more odd dishes (all around us people were ordering bone marrow and beef hearts). The pork tacos are amazing, easily some of the best in the city. We still have to go back to the Cocktail Bar (also owned by Black Hoof), hopefully by then we will have eaten the whole menu.

What did we have for dessert you ask? Actually we had dessert on the way to Black Hoof. I had noticed taht a new donut shop opened on College, except last time we passed it was closed. Not so this time! I was rather psyched about Jelly Modern Donuts, as they have quite a few locations and are tied to the Food Network. The first donut made me realize that maple and bacon COULD actually be a good thing. You know why? The bacon was sparse and the maple syrup not overly sweet. In truth, I had ordered the maple walnut, but the guy gave me maple bacon- it’s fine. I had a bite of Brent’s smores donut and was underwhelmed. The whole thing was bland and flavourless! The real winner was the lemon donut: it had a lemon glaze and lemon curd in the middle! Still, not as good as Von Donuts or Glory Hole Donuts.

IMG_20141025_173214 IMG_20141025_173448


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