Holy Chuck? Nah

29 Oct

We thought maybe we had just been given a bad batch last time we went to Holy Chuck. Everyone around us seemed to think we were nuts and that Holy Chuck is amazing. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back for round two.

First we stopped at Bakes & Goods, best nut free bakery , for some pre-burger dessert. The chocolate chip cookie was easily the winner, so light and soft and just perfect! The cake pop was a little too rich for me. The cupcakes were also really good. The cake part of the chocolate chip one was some of the best I have ever had and the filling in the red velvet chocolate ganache was amazing! But the chocolate chip cookie, something so simple, transformed into something so wonderful was heavenly.


Round two at Holy Chuck: I scaled back and got a burger with less toppings (bacon, a little bit of cheese and some alleged sea salt). There was no sea salt as far as I could tell. The cheese was rice paper thin. Leaving me with mostly burger. The bun was good. The burger was bland. Making the whole thing bland. Brent went in the opposite direction, his burger was piled with chilis and hot sauce and cheese… it was a greasy, spicy mess. The bun had disintegrated. In the bite I had all I could taste was spicy. The fries are the only redeeming quality at Holy Chuck.



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