Seeing How The Other Side Shops

05 Nov

Pusateri’s was recently voted best gourmet food store. And so a rainy Tuesday evening we found ourselves in the heart of Yorkville. I am sorry but the food there was not all that gourmet. They had Skinny Cow ice cream bars… but no chips!! The only “chips” I found were tortilla, bean or apple chips. Or popcorn. There were a few small bags by the register, but that just didn’t cut it. The in-store made ready-to-eat meatballs were pretty decent, better than Longo’s. The only really gourmet thing I saw in the store was some fancy tuna steaks. They didn’t even have a lobster tank. I was expecting a shelf of caviar, a section of gold-plated food and biggest disappointment of all: not one person was wearing a monocle. What I wouldn’t give to see a lobster wearing a monocle*.

Silver lining: the nanaimo bar. Although I’m not sure the credit goes to Pusateri’s, because it was not baked in store. It was from Pauline’s Pastries (hence the reason, we HAD to get it). Let me tell you, sweet mother of god, this nanaimo was otherworldly. If you’re like me, you eat the Farmer’s brand ones from the grocery store and midway through your second tiny square you are sweating, your teeth hurt, your heart is going to explode and you are getting vertigo. This nanaimo was ginormous and I never once had that feeling. It was oddly light and not super dense, the base was not greasy and the chocolate on top, heavenly. So really, this post is about the best nanaimo bars in the city.


*one day I will Photoshop such a photo, seeing as it does not exist


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