26 Nov

Winter hit us early this year, and it sucks. We had been meaning to go to  Nom Nom Nom Crepes, recently voted best poutine. Trouble is, its an outdoor vendor. We would have to eat it while walking home or risk taking it home (and poutine does NOT hold up well cold). We caught a break this week with a warm day with no precipitation. Or so we thought, as soon as the sun went down it was cold and windy. We tried to hold out not eating the poutine, but we caved and had to eat it as we walked. Brent had wanted to get a smores crepe, but they were out of Nutella. He suggested getting a second poutine, I gasped in horror. Poutine is a food that very quickly tips over into too much, it is not meant to be eaten in large quantities (unlike for example, cookies).

Nom Nom Nom Crepes- best poutine (2)

It was tough to eat the poutine, we had ordered the smoked meat version. It was smothered in meat, a whole layer of meat piled on top. It was hard to get a bite of everything in one go. The cheese curds were quite good. The fries managed not to get soggy in the gravy. My only complaint, is that it was actually not salty enough (a rarity when it comes to poutine). Good overall though.

Nom Nom Nom Crepes- best poutine (1)

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