30 Nov

Not sure if you know this, but its been over 10 years now I’ve been blogging. True this is my third website (it started on Blogger, moved over to MSN Spaces which was transferred to WordPress). A decade of blogging… and at the core of it, very little has changed. True the subject matter of my posts has shifted from movie reviews, rants and longings to wacky stories with my roommates towards now food (eating of), food (making of) and to a lesser extent food (craving of), and occasionally travel.

Apparently at the core of it… nothing has changed. I still love Dr Pepper (though now I indulge in it much less), I ate an entire package of Oreos in under a week recently, I was shocked the other day when I reached into my bag of Voortman’s Gingerkids cookies and found only crumbs and I am sitting here chain-eating clementines. Every winter I still think of the chocolate snowflake donut, a pang of sadness in my heart that they discontinued it.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I still, 10 years later, have no idea what I am trying to say.

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