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2014 In Review and Looking Ahead to 2015

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

I found out this year: seaweed salad is tasty, raw horse meat ain’t bad, and having your wisdom tooth surgically removed while only under local anesthetic is not the best idea. My blog turned 10 years old this year…. 10 years young I mean, much has changed but the core principles are still the same: eat cookies, take photos of anything and everything, complain when necessary- and most importantly, write about it all.

What does the new year, 2015, hold? A revision on my cooking project for one. This year I will focus instead on honing my kitchen skills rather than making wacky things I find on Pinterest (I am not completely abandoning that, I will be making Oreo squares in the coming weeks). This will include cleaning up my mess of a Pinterest account. There will be no more substitutions in my recipes, when it says butter, I will damn well use butter. No more low-fat margarine. No more “I don’t have buttermilk, I will just add lemon juice to skim milk” (it has to be milk with fat in it in order to work). I will need to buy a bundt pan, for I have yet to make a successful bundt pan (why this is, I am not sure yet). I will mostly be using traditional cookbooks, supplemented with wacky Pinterest recipes every once in a while (to keep things fresh and fun).

Here’s to a deliciously tasty 2015!

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Mmm… Meat Loaf

Searching for the best meat loaf in the city seems like an odd endeavor, meat loaf is generally a bottom tier food. Not something you crave, let alone go out of your way (45 minute walk actually) to seek out. Caplansky’s just so happens to be a block away from Kensington, so we thought heck why not get two birds with one stone and also go to best Latin American bakery? It seemed like a good idea. Until we fell into the trap of places not always existing when the address is Kensington Market. Brent, ever so clever and caught on the best of lists, quickly realized that Bunner’s Bakeshop (now with a new location in Kensington) had been recently voted best muffin.


I was wary of a muffin from Bunner’s, as I was less than thrilled with previous baked goods from them. Personally, I like soy, eggs, dairy and gluten. They are tasty. Lack of them was, less than tasty. I don’t know how they did it, but Bunner’s managed to make an amazing muffin, surpassing the ones I am used to with all the aforementioned ingredients! I’ve never even been a big fan of morning glory muffins, I much prefer chocolate chip. The muffin was so moist and perfectly balanced with just the right amount of shredded carrots, walnuts, pine nuts. The cinnamon bun was more in line with what I was expecting from Bunner’s, good but not outstanding with a slight off taste.


Caplansky’s offers the option to have cheese on top of the meat loaf, which has smoked meat in it. No wonder it was voted the best meat loaf, it was amazing!! It had a nice crispy outside, the cheese was perfectly melted on top and the meat was well seasoned and not dry or bland. It feels like an insult to call it meat loaf. Brent’s smoked meat sandwich was also amazing, but I was in no mood to tackle a soggy bun. The chips on the side however were fresh out of the fryer- amazing!



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Friday Night Lasagna

I was thrilled when best lasagna was posted, both because I like lasagna and because it was a short distance from my house (winter is coming*). We walked right by 7 Numbers and had to backtrack, it does not really stand out on the Danforth. As we passed by it to get to the entrance my heart sank, the place looked full. Thankfully they had a second seating area at the back.

We wasted no time looking over menus, the beer selection was less than sub-par and there was no rose wine. Hence I ended up with a white wine sangria (no regrets, so good) and Brent with a Peroni (some regrets). We knew I would get the lasagna, leaving a few bites for Brent. He ordered the veal, of which I would really only eat a few bites. It was a perfect situation, neither really liking the others dish.


We split a starter, however it sounded a little better than it tasted: mozzarella wrapped around prosciutto wrapped around arugula. I was expecting it to be at least a little salty, but nope. It was fun to eat as the whole thing unraveled. I can sort of see why 7 Number won for best lasagna: they serve it in a bowl which is simply practical. But other than that, it was not outstanding, it just tasted like every other lasagna I have ever had. Brent’s dish was better. I normally do not like veal, but migawd they made a good dish out of it. Even more-so given there were hot-peppers, another food I am not a big fan of.


It was a nice dinner though. We were out of there in half an hour. No time for sitting and talking, we live together, we can talk all we want on the couch while watching TV. When I go out to dinner, I go out to eat.


* my reference point is the South Park that made fun of Game of Thrones, not the show itself

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Meatball Sandwich?

Best meatball sandwich was voted as being from California Sandwiches. I am not sure who was on this panel, but it would appear to be people who work at California Sandwiches and people who have only eaten at California Sandwiches. Namely: people who do not know what a good sandwich actually tastes like. I have tried three sandwiches from there, all were on the scale between gross and meh. I did not have high hopes for the meatball sandwich. I was right. It was bland and a horrible mess. The bottom bun was a giant sopping mess and pretty much rendered the utility of the sandwich useless. There is nothing more sad than a sandwich that has failed so fundamentally, the bread is meant to hold the delicious ingredients in place while keeping your hands clean (bonus points if the bread is actually good). This was a completely and utterly epic fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. I have tried four different sandwiches from California Sandwiches (yes, one of them was the “famed” veal, that was the second worst). I am unimpressed and do not understand the hubbub. I have a sneaking suspicion that people who like California Sandwiches also like Holy Chuck (except Brent, but we will ignore that so my statement is not lost, gotta love data manipulation).

California Sandwiches- best meatball sandwich (1)

You want a good meatball sandwich you go to Pusateri’s and buy the ready-made meatballs and a bun from the bakery. THAT WOULD BE AN AMAZING MEATBALL SANDWICH. The meatballs already come pre-sauced so no worries. I will report back in a few days once I create this awesome sandwich. Until then, good riddance and take everything with a grain of salt.

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