Friday Night Lasagna

08 Dec

I was thrilled when best lasagna was posted, both because I like lasagna and because it was a short distance from my house (winter is coming*). We walked right by 7 Numbers and had to backtrack, it does not really stand out on the Danforth. As we passed by it to get to the entrance my heart sank, the place looked full. Thankfully they had a second seating area at the back.

We wasted no time looking over menus, the beer selection was less than sub-par and there was no rose wine. Hence I ended up with a white wine sangria (no regrets, so good) and Brent with a Peroni (some regrets). We knew I would get the lasagna, leaving a few bites for Brent. He ordered the veal, of which I would really only eat a few bites. It was a perfect situation, neither really liking the others dish.


We split a starter, however it sounded a little better than it tasted: mozzarella wrapped around prosciutto wrapped around arugula. I was expecting it to be at least a little salty, but nope. It was fun to eat as the whole thing unraveled. I can sort of see why 7 Number won for best lasagna: they serve it in a bowl which is simply practical. But other than that, it was not outstanding, it just tasted like every other lasagna I have ever had. Brent’s dish was better. I normally do not like veal, but migawd they made a good dish out of it. Even more-so given there were hot-peppers, another food I am not a big fan of.


It was a nice dinner though. We were out of there in half an hour. No time for sitting and talking, we live together, we can talk all we want on the couch while watching TV. When I go out to dinner, I go out to eat.


* my reference point is the South Park that made fun of Game of Thrones, not the show itself

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