Chewy Oreo Squares

25 Jan

I had promised to kick off the new year in the kitchen by following recipes more accurately and dumping the low-fat margarine in place of regular butter/margarine (that was what had made my cookies so poofy and cake-like). Turns out I took “following the recipe” with a grain of salt. I had found a recipe for cookies & creme squares, and it was so easy. One look and I knew how to make it. No more need to go back and check quantities. Right?

Sort of. It seemed simple enough: crush up some Oreo cookies, melt a bag of marshmallows with some margarine and combine them and press them into a pan. The ratio of marshmallow to cookie was off. Too much marshmallow. I know, I know, you are thinking “that is because you probably ate half the Oreos before you started.” Wrong. I only ate 2. And a few crumbs. Really I needed about half a bag more of Oreos.


Not to say that they were ruined. They were delicious and we wolfed them down in no time. They were so unbelievably decadent, yet not that heavy. What few were left made for a great breakfast the next day.

Another plus is that the recipe took me less than 20 minutes to make. Great for when a sudden craving hits you and you just have to have cookies and chewy at the same time. Even better if you have some stress to work out, you can crush the cookies by hand instead of using a chopper.

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