Nailed It!

05 Feb

LaMesa had been voted best prix fixe menu, however they do not regularly offer a prix fixe. Great voting! Our luck finally broke when I was leafing through a Winterlicious booklet, lo and behold LaMesa was listed as a participant. Finally! We would get to try this prix fixe that was so good it was worth voting to number one even though it is not a regular offering!

The prix fixe consisted of three courses: appetizer, main and dessert. For each one we had three choices to pick from. It was quite easy, there were clear winners. For starters I risked it and ordered the mushroom broth, and it was well worth the possible stomachache later. It was so good! The bean curd noodles were hard to eat with the broth and I had to resort to eating them with my fork a-la spaghetti. I had won the appetizer round, Brent had ordered the pork and rice. It was good but not outstanding.


For the mains we split fish and chips and chicken with adobo sauce and barley. The presentation of the dishes was honestly more impressive than the flavour. Part of that is because I am not a big fan of milk-fish. The chicken was the best part. I had been worried that becuase it was in a adobo pepper sauce that it would be too spicy, but it was just right.


The real knock-out was dessert. We were torn, the breadpudding and the flan were both extraordinary, we could not for the life of us pick a winner. With each bite we waffled. I have never been a fan of breadpudding, even the name is unappealing. But this breadpudding may have changed my opinion. It was served warm and was oh so decadent with candied walnuts and caramel sauce. I was skeptical of the flan as well. We were presented with a ramekin of purple stuff, it tasted like custard. I was over the moon! On its own it was delicious, but then there were little lemon meringues and pieces of vanilla rice krispies! I seriously wanted to order a second one.


It did not feel like the usual Winterlicious prix fixe wherein they have a limited menu and not much variety. They truly showed culinary skill, each dish was unique and different. It was artfully presented and did not seem like they were trying too hard to impress.

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