Worth the Walk

08 Feb


For a school assignment I had to head out to Queen West to a gallery. What better excuse did we need to make the hour and a half long trek than the gallery happened to be close to The Beaver, voted best gay bar in the city? They serve breakfast cocktails, therefore going there for brunch counts as going to a bar. As for what makes a gay bar good, I really had no idea. What won my vote was that they serve cocktails with brunch. We were a bit worried heading there as we were arriving there right around noon, on a Saturday, for brunch. In the past this had spelled trouble. This was doubley-so now because this was quite the trek and to get there and find out the place was full… we did not want to think about it.


Thankfully we lucked out and the place was not busy at all, though it got busier after that. We got there after noon, so it was OK to drink, so the excuse went. I was intrigued by one brunch dish that had tortilla chips, chicken and chorizo. In the end I went with my usual go-to brunch food: french toast, can rarely go wrong with that. And oh my god did I make the right choice. The french toast was fancy with walnuts and chocolate chips on top. The bread itself was soft and fluffy with what I can only guess cinnamon veins throughout, really it was like a cross between bread and coffee crumble cake. Brent had ordered the breakfast burrito, which on paper sounded kind of blah to me. However one bite and we had to swap halfway through. No way was I going to miss out on that. It was a different way of eating chili, with a scrambled egg all wrapped up nice and toasty in a tortilla. My only complaint, and this goes for all burritos so far, is that the ingredients were not well mixed. Some bites I got just egg, others just chili.


The breakfast cocktail offerings were a bit limited (unless you count a sidecar as a breakfast cocktail, which I do not). There were two mimosa options: with cider or with prosecco. Brent had ordered the prosecco mimosa. I was tempted to order the cider mimosa after my lemonade and cider cocktail but I thought it was best not to. We still had a long walk home ahead of us.


After a brief (really, five minutes at the most) stop at the gallery we headed back eastwards towards home. This was not the end of our fooding adventure however. We stopped off at R Squared Cafe, voted best cafe for free wi-fi. Based on the number of people in there, all with open laptops, I would say yes, this is indeed a good spot for free wi-fi. Alas, with nowhere to sit, we could only enjoy the free wi-fi for a few minutes while we waited for my coffee. The Spanish latte was amazing, made with condensed milk and cayenne pepper. It was an odd but satisfying drink. The cayenne pepper only started to burn a while after the sip. You cannot go to a cafe and not order baked goods, it is simply not done. We had ordered an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a double chocolate chip cookie. The oatmeal one was by far the winner. The double chocolate chip cookie, while it had a nice sprinkling of cinnamon on top, simply had too much (I know!) chocolate in it.

My legs are now dead dead dead.

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