Fat Pasha

20 Feb

We were really excited about going to Fat Pasha for dinner. This was partly due to the two week long wait, as the place was booked. When we walked in, it seemed empty, even still the guy asked if we had a reservation (it soon filled up).

Rather than ordering two mains, we decided to go a different route and order appetizers galore. We started out with three and figured if we were still hungry we could order more. The chopped liver and onions arrived first and it smelled out of this world delicious. We sat in anticipation as the server mixed some oil or sauce into it and finally set it on the table before us. We were faced with a GIANT bowl of sandwich spread and only four slices of toast, thick buttered delicious toast. We piled our bread high and devoured it. Even still, with more chopped liver and onions than bread, we ate about half. Thankfully it was easy to wrap up for later.


No sooner had we bitten in, the second dish arrived: squid. It was amazing! Better than the chopped liver and onions, it was so well done. And the crispy little chick peas added a little crunch to the chewy squid. With little room on our table, we had to move stuff around to make room for the latka platter. I was really excited about this, I have a deep-seated love affair with latkas. They were topped with salmon and sour cream and caviar… and I was blown away. I thought I loved latkas before… turns out I knew nothing of how good they can truly be.



We had enough room for one more dish and were torn  between the hummus and dessert. Maybe torn is too strong a word, more like hesitant? Based on the portion sizes, we surmised that the hummus dish would be huge… and I was craving dessert real bad. I’ve said before that I am not a fan of bread pudding, but the menu listed one with Nutella. Who can resist Nutella? Not this guy. Gal. Turns out I may be wrong about bread pudding, now it had been two good ones back to back.

As we were getting ready to leave we looked over at another table. They had ordered the roasted cauliflower dish that Brent had been considering but I vetoed in favour of the squid. We had made the right choice. It was an ENTIRE head of cauliflower- no thanks.
I can see why Fat Pasha was voted best new restaurant 2014. The food was delicious and the service was fast. Looking back on it, I am now left craving the Nutella bread pudding.


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