23 Feb
At first I was not too psyched about going out for breakfast sandwiches, we had recently gone out for peameal bacon and I was satiated for a long time. However, Rashers , voted best breakfast sandwich, also serves regular bacon… and most importantly: cheese!

All well and good, however I made a terrible mistake. I forgot that brie is a soft cheese, in my head I had it mixed up with another cheese. Brie is not a good cheese for melting with bacon in a sandwich. Brent had made the right choice, ordering a sandwich with cheddar cheese and a fried egg on top. I was wary of it, it was made with peameal bacon. Again, I was off the mark. The sandwich was amazing, I did not know that peameal bacon could be that delicious.


There was some confusion however. Brent’s sandwich was done first and rather than wait for mine, they served his and said mine would be a few minutes. However they soon forgot about this and ended up making a double of his order and giving it to me along with my sandwich. When I told them about this, they thanked us for our honesty. Five minutes later we heard them offer the extra sandwich to another customer!


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