Dim Sum Take Two

22 Mar

BlogTO recently released a second list of best dim sum… in downtown Toronto, as opposed to all of Toronto (even though the number one in all of Toronto is downtown). The best dim sum in downtown Toronto was voted as Rosewood. The great thing about it was that it was all day. Oh, and it was all you can eat. Win win!


Good thing we had made a reservation in advance, when we showed up there was only one other group- but within 20 minutes the place started filling up. For the most part we knew in advance what we wanted to order, and we added on a couple more things. What a feast we were going to have! Crab rolled in seaweed, battered in tempura and fried! Shrimp rolls! Cuttlefish in curry sauce! Shrimp dumplings! Beef short ribs! Sweet potato dumplings!


The food was delicious. It arrived in waves, but even still we could not keep up and soon our table was full of plates. The standout was the shrimp dumplings, so simple yet so good.


Unfortunately they were out of egg tarts, so we had to go sans-dessert.


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