What A Day!

22 Mar

The plan was to go out to the best new brunch place of 2014, Maha’s Restaurant on a Saturday morning, without setting an alarm clock. It was out in the east end, we figured it would be fine.

Brent told me it was just off of Danforth and not too far. Turns out it was all the way over at Greenwood! He had assumed that Greenwood was close (think Pape) because of Greenwood Smokehouse. I was still recovering from a nasty cold and this was the first time I had walked further than to and from the subway. Not great.

We got to Maha’s just past noon… and the place was packed. There was no room to even enter. We decided to reverse our plans and go to Pilot Coffee Roasters, best new cafe 2014 first. After struggling to find it (it was down an alleyway/street) we found it was closed. They are not open weekends, and only open until 3pm on weekdays. Peeking in through the window, it looked like an amazing place. It had a bar you could sit at and sip different coffees. It looked like my idea of heaven.


Two doors down we found Brent’s idea of heaven: a pop-up shop of Left Field Brewery. We sat around for a bit on muskoka chairs while Brent sipped his beers.


Back at Maha’s we were able to get in through the door this time. We decided we might as well wait it out, the food around us looked delicious and tempting. After about 30 minutes of being in the way we were seated. The honey cardamom latte was worth the wait alone. It was amazing! Not too sweet and just a little bit spicy. It was the perfect pick-me-up, which I was in need of. I ordered the chicken sandwich, not exactly brunch-y but the menu said it was amazing, so I put my trust in them. The menu did not lie. The sandwich was outstanding!!! I devoured it, save for a few last bites. Brent had ordered a more traditional Egyptian dish, eggs and chickpeas on flatbread. It too was an amazing dish, although I had to eat carefully to avoid the egg yolk.


On our way home we stopped in at Von Doughnuts   , because it is nearly impossible to walk by there and not stop. In honour of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day we had the Innis & Gunn glazed donut. It was the best donut I have had in the city. Not overly sweet, the whisky glaze complemented the yeast donut. Von Doughnuts just keeps getting better and better.



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