I Would Walk (What Felt Like) 500 Miles…

18 Apr

My sisters and I were planning an outing to get together with our friends and beaus. The original plans as to go to Snakes and Lattes, but a Friday night and they do not take reservations… we decided to meet at a bar instead. Brent suggested we all meet at Gaslight, best new bar of 2014. No arguments here, that is until I saw on a map how far it was. It was out at Dundas and Bloor, a good hour and a half walk from our place. Brent sweetened the deal: on the way there we would stop for best sandwich, and on the way home from Gaslight we would stop in at Comedy Bar, best comedy club in the city, for a show. We had been waiting for years, keeping an eye on the shows. Nothing ever caught our eye, until now. It would have been nice when we lived one block over. Ah well.


The whole walk all I could think about was the smoked ham sandwich I was going to order from Brock Sandwich,  in the city of course. The anticipation made the walk fly by and it did not seem far at all. Turns out I had been right for picking the smoked ham sandwich, it was on their specialty board… and it was sold out. I chose the prosciutto sandwich, because in my moment of panic it seemed the closest thing to smoked ham. The sandwich was served on what I think was ciabatta bread, with arugula and fresh mozzarella. It was a very refreshing and delicious sandwich. It was also the polar opposite of Brent’s crispy chicken sandwich, whihc was equally delicious. It just went to show how amazing Brock Sandwiches is. Two completely different sandwiches and yet both so tasty. It was well worth the walk and I wish they were closer.


We got to Gaslight 40 minutes early, it was an awkward situation as the bar is small, it was just the two of us, but we were expecting about 8 more people. Thankfully the bar never got so full that we had to relinquish our table for a smaller one. Instead of going the usual route and ordering wine, I instead opted for trying all three drinks on their fancy cocktail menu. To start I had the rum punch, it seemed like a fun kick-off. Soon though my cravings got the best of me, and I caved to my temptations and ordered a slice of raspberry-strawberry pie. We were in a bar, I did not have high expectations, I do not even like pie that much. But oh my, this pie was amazing. They served it warmed up. The second cocktail was the clear winner, it had ginger beer in it and was garnished with rosemary and it had a spicy kick to it. It was odd but it worked. The third drink was much stronger.





I did not have high hopes for the Comedy Bar. From the outside it looks sketchy. Once inside it was a mass of people crowding a bar, there was no clear indication of where the comedy itself would take place. Only after we wandered through some back hallways did someone tell us we had to exchange our printed-at-home tickets for actual tickets and that we would be called in once it was time for the show. I’m not really sure why it was voted best comedy club in the city, maybe the relaxed atmosphere, maybe the bar part? It was still good.


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