I Can’t Even…

16 May

Turns out we had declared it the summer of patios too soon. Spring was back and with a vengeance. It rained for a few days, we thought surely it cannot rain for a third day in a row? It didn’t. But it was cloudy and cool- enough to scare people away from Java House’s patio? We thought so. We are down to the last few patios on the list– the popular ones on Queen West.

The cool weather and ominous rain clouds did not just scare patio patrons away. It scared the restaurant owners away too. The patio was closed. No worries we had a few back-ups. As we walked towards Roncesvalles I had a brilliant idea: why don’t we try going to Electric Mud??? Enough time has surely passed that it won’t be crammed full! Grand Electric was packed as ever, this made me nervous. What I had not anticipated was Electric Mud being closed on a Tuesday. Who knew.

Back to our Ronces plans! On the way we passed Mabel’s, Brent did a double-take and we backtracked a few steps. Apparently they have the city’s best granola. We walked in and could not find it. As I was paying for a pecan square, I noticed granola bars by the register. As we turned to leave, Brent found bags of granola. We had walked right by them when we came in. Oops.

The granola bar was amazing! The granola was more roasted than what I was used to, but not overly roasted. It had a nutty and caramely flavour that was to die for. I fear I will eat the whole bag of granola in one sitting.

As we neared Cafe Polonez my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. Ed’s Real Scoop had opened a second location! And they had piernik flavoured ice cream!!! Dessert plans were settled.

Cafe Polonez was voted best perogies. I had eaten there before, and other than homemade, yes they are amazing perogies. You can order them in batches of 6 or 12, so it is easy to try a few. Brent almost ordered the pork schnitzel dinner. Until I warned him about the enormous dinner he was about to get. Polish people love their food and give generous helpings. I’d seen the dish before, my mom ordered it and remarked on how much food it was. Thankfully they also offer a pork schnitzel sandwich. We settled on 6 meat and 6 potato and cheese perogies. It was a close tie, to order the cabbage ones instead of potato and cheese. But Brent made a face when I mentioned that they have mushrooms.

Fully satiated and with just enough room in our bellies we walked a few doors down to Ed’s. I was unbelievably excited. Ed’s! Ice cream! Piernik! Piernik is about the Polish equivalent of gingerbread- but better. I forgot that you can get two different ice cream scoops per serving at Ed’s. To match the piernik I ordered coffee-toffee. The ice cream connoisseurs at Ed’s do not eff around. The coffee ice cream tasted like coffee. Like an actual cup of coffee- no fake sweetness. The piernik ice cream won out. Easily the best scoop I have ever had.

My legs are dead now. We walked god only knows how many kilometres (Brent says 16, I say a bajillion). We have cleared out most of the places near us and will have to start venturing out further via transit.

P.S.: I had that pecan square the next morning and nearly fell out of my chair. It was unbelievable. Think butter tart but less sweet and instead of the pastry tart a chewy blondie.


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