Double Brunch!!

30 May

After a slow start on a Monday morning, we were finally out the door. By the time we got to Pilot Coffee Roasters, voted best new cafe 2014, it was past 11am. This might not seem like much, but it meant the difference between ordering one drink off the menu vs ordering the tasting menu. Between the two of us we tried two very different drinks. Brent had an espresso blend with steamed milk, while I opted for a single origin served as a pour over. The only thing we were missing was a coffee served using the Chemex method. But to be fair, it just looked like a fancy version of a pour over. Plus we still had to make it to Lady Marmalade for brunch.

The two coffees were starkly different but both really good. You know a coffee is good if I am able to drink it black, which the single origin I ordered was. This place was my idea of heaven. So many coffees and methods to choose from and most importantly: it was all made to order. It was a fun experience as well, watching the guy make our drinks.

Fueled by caffeine we made our way to Lady Marmalade for brunch. By the time we got there, there was a line out the door, it was 1pm afterall, the brunching hour. Thankfully the line moved really quickly, we did not wait more than 15 minutes. Brent asked me which table I thought we would be sitting at, not paying attention, I chose one at random… and got it right!

We had looked over the menu while waiting in line so we knew what we wanted. No sooner had we sat down, we were ready to order. Turns out the AM poutine, voted best breakfast poutine (because apparently that is a thing), was sold out. We did not now that such a thing could even happen.

As we waited for our food we planned out our next fooding adventure. Brent had taken the following Friday off for a bachelor party, and I would be working nearby so ti only made sense to come back again to Lady Marmalade later in the week.

The ham & cheese crepe was generously stuffed, with almost too much cheese (yes, there can be a point of over-cheese). It was a ooey-goeey fun mess to eat and tasted amazing- even the baby spinach on the side.

Friday morning we had to get up early, as in before 8am early. I was not having it. My head was killing me and I felt horrible. Nonetheless, the idea of breakfast poutine and some more Pilot coffee (after ordering tea, I noticed that they serve Pilot coffee at Lady Marmalade) kept me going.

Surprisingly there was no line-up when we got there. I had budgeted extra time for waiting in line, so I would not be late for work after breakfast. I had overshot it by a lot. I would end up with two hours time to kill before work.

The breakfast poutine was everything it promised to be: hash browns and cheese and of course Brent ordered bacon on top. The cheese was amazing. I switched back to the sweet side of the menu. This time I ordered the fresh fruit crepe. It was stuffed to the brim with fruit and granola. Again, it was a giant mess to eat- but it more than made up for that in deliciousness.


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