Double Patio!!

30 May

The summer patio season was back in full swing after a brief week-long hiatus. We walked by Black Bull Tavern, scoping it out as a potential back-up if Java House was full. We did not anticipate the Java House patio being closed, it was sunny outside and t-shirt perfect weather!! After we were informed that the patio was not open, we abruptly turned and left, backtracking to Black Bull. Cheap drinks would have to wait, we were headed to best patio to bike to.

Not that I really see why it is best patio to bike to. That easily goes to Against the Grain which is right on the waterfront. But who am I argue with an excuse to drink on a patio? Even if we did not have bikes to lock up. Our dinner plans remained unchanged: bar food. At the last minute I changed my mind from wings (which was what I had planned on getting at Java House) to the calamari, the craving just hit me out of nowhere. It is a good thing I did, because the calamari was outstanding!! I was expecting greasy bar food, not something to write home about! The calamari were seasoned to perfection and slightly spicy, the red pepper sauce added some more spice.

The drinks were another story, nothing special on the menu and so I caved and ordered cocktails. The first one, a Tom Collins, was neon green and bright. The second drink, Purple Haze, was about the most unnatural shade of purple in existence. They were both excellent drinks and just what I needed, as we were sitting in a very sunny (and therefore hot) spot on the patio.

Afterwards we decided to go to Bang Bang ice cream (an offshoot of Bakerbots) because apparently the ice cream is amazing and they make wacky sandwiches, using macarons, donuts and other such baked goods instead of regular cookies. I was sold. On the way we walked by Java House, just to see if maybe, just maybe, the patio was now open.

Much to our surprise (and confusion) the patio at Java House was indeed open. Maybe it opens after 6pm? Who knows. Having been voted best cheap drinks patio, Java House certainly lived up to that. $3 and change for a mimosa that was made with Bambino? Cheap.

We did not last very long on the patio. It may have been a combination of factors: lousy people (both on the patio and passing by) and the aforementioned confusion about the patio being open, but we were glad to finish our drinks and leave. We did it, we had cheap drinks on the patio, and now we will never go back there again.


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