Back for Brunch

14 Jun

We had a bit of a break from our fooding adventures, as Brent was away for a week-long bachelor party, and as soon as he was back I was headed out the door to Florida. But we’re back now. For a few weeks anyway.

While we were away the best of lists had been updated and new ones posted. Best Irish pub and best Irish pub patio happened to be the same place: Ceili Cottage on Queen East.

I had forgotten about the pub part, and wound up ordering coffee. In my defence I had woken up with a pounding headache, and we still had to walk home with the sun beating down (yes, we both got sunburnt). Even with the late start, due to my after-sleep couch nap to battle the headache, we managed to get a seat on the patio.

For brunch I was torn between my go-to French toast or opting to change things up with steak and eggs. I chose the latter. The eggs were served atop the steak and a fried tomato, which I ate around. Thankfully the eggs were well cooked and I therefore avoided the worst thing possible: runny yolks spilling all over everything on my plate. I had a few bites from the breakfast platter that Brent ordered, the soda bread was the clear winner. The black and white puddings were also really good, as was the sausage.

We had also split a plate of oysters. The dish came with little fancy forks, so rather than slurping it out of the shell, I classed it up by eating with a tiny fork. It was nice because I could eat it in two bites and try the oyster plain, and with sauce.

Even though a week ago my friends and I had tackled the kitchen sink, a plastic sink with over 40 scoops of ice cream (story coming soon), I still had a craving for ice cream. On the way home we stopped in at Ed’s Real Scoop for dessert. The last few times I had ordered my ice cream in a cup, afterwards lamenting, having forgotten about my love affair with waffles. This time I did it right, I ordered my ice cream in a waffle cone. Partly because just outside the shop smelled like fresh waffles. And after about 15 minutes I was reminded of why I never order cones. My hand and my shoes were covered in dripping, melted ice cream. Cones are not perfect, they leak. And until the plastic drip catcher for holding cones becomes a universal standard, I will stick with cups thank you very much.

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