Dosas For Dinner

18 Jun

I had no idea what to expect when Brent said we were going out for best dosas in the city. After a quick google of the restaurant, Udupi Palace, I was salivating. It sounded so delicious!! A thin crepe filled with potatoes/veggies and spices!

I had no idea what I was in for. The dosa arrived and it looked enormous… until I actually started eating it. I forgot to account for one very obvious fact: it was a crepe and therefore really thin! The spiced potatoes and onions were piled in the middle of the crepe, so around the edges it was just empty crepe. This was more than fine, as the crepe came with mango chutney and another sauce. Plus the filling did not stay in the middle for very long- at all.

We did not trade plates halfway, as we both had the same filling just different crepes. Brent had a bite of mine, and I of his. After a while the spiciness starting getting to me. My sinuses were no longer stuffed and I was sniffling. The spices were slow-burning. The more I ate the more the spice built and compounded. By the end I could not even eat the crepe on its own. Turns out the crepe itself was spicy. Brent thought I was being a baby, until he finished off my crepe. It was a nice slow burn, but spicier than his crepe.

Overall it was a very affordable, delicious and healthy dinner. The service was quick, even with the server warning us that my dosa would take some more time to make. We were out of there in under an hour, maybe even under half an hour? Who can say.


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