Florida 2015- The 15 Year Reunion- Day 3

19 Jun

Sun. June 7, 2015:
I awoke to find Przemek (the cat) asleep on my foot. I started petting him and he stretched out over my leg and started making the world’s laziest biscuits, barely able to keep his eyes open. Pretty soon my leg started to go numb, and even though everyone else was still asleep I got out of bed. I was tempted to go read outside, the sun seemed so inviting, but I knew that as soon as I went out there I’d turn into a sweating sunburnt mess. Thankfully Camilla woke up soon after, as we waited for everyone else to wake up we watched season two of Orange Is The New Black, as I finally had Netflix!

Despite, or maybe because of, our ice cream binge the night before, everyone was keen on doing a workout. I’m not sure how, but somehow I survived the workout, even though in addition to the aforementioned ice cream binge, I had not worked out for quite a while. It was much better than last time we visited Florida, when we tried to go running. Even at 9am it was unbearably hot.

Being a lazy state afterwards, we decided to spend the day finishing off the shopping we had not done the day before. We were supposed to go to the Dunkin’ Donuts by their house, but we all forgot about it. As we were driving to Designer Shoe Warehouse (aka DSW) Camilla pointed out another Dunkin’ Donuts. It just so happened to be in a plaza with Goodwill. At DD they did not have medium sized plastic cups, so they gave Camilla a free upgrade to large. It was obscenely large and we could not stop laughing at it.

It was incredible the amount of high quality stuff at Goodwill. I found a Wedgewood dish set, which no one else seemed to care about at all. This was later redeemed when I told their mom about it and she was surprised that I found that at Goodwill. My heart was broken, I had found a beautiful wooden chest with metal rivets around the edge and a small lion head where the lock would be. It was in perfect condition… except for the fact that it was in Florida. I decided it would be too complicated and expensive to ship it home. It really killed me because it was listed for $30, which was a steal of a deal. Things only went downhill from there for me. The dust set off my allergies, and it was quick. It started with one sneeze and by the end of it, I was sniffling and sneezing and itchy.

Some girls came in, greeted the whole store, and asked where the sock section as. The cashier answered that Goodwill doesn’t sell socks. She responded, great the one thing I need, Goodwill doesn’t sell and they all left. I could not resist buying stuff, I reasoned I had room in my luggage because I brought stuff for Marianne and Ela. I resisted the Wedgewood dish set, and settled for a hollowed out book and a beautiful blue glass bottle.

The shoe store was in a plaza with other stores. I went next door to Old Navy looking for pajama shorts, but no luck. I joined them at the back fo the shoe store in the clearance section, aka shoe heaven. They mentioned that there was also a TJ Maxx, so Camilla and I set off for there. Success! I found reasonably priced pajama shorts. I was worried that were taking too long in the store, and so we rushed back… only to find that they were nowhere near done. There were piles of shoe boxes all around, they had one clerk calling other stores, and debates ensued about which (of two almost exact pairs) was the better shoe. It was not looking good for me. I had been tempted by an absolutely gorgeous Michael Kors purse (on sale no less), and it was all the more tempting as I was still nursing my Goodwill chest heartbreak. The longer we were in the store, the more reasons I came up with to buy it. I took to distracting myself by finding ugly shoes and trying them on. The winner was a leopard print, hot pink, fuzzy pair of at least 5 inch, heels. I put them on just to take a picture, and even that was too long, it was killing my foot by contorting it. It worked however, as I did not end up buying the purse (even though I now sorely regret it and doubt I will ever find one as good).

We were getting really tired and hungry. We spent a lot more time in Goodwill and DSW than had been anticipated. Originally we were going to visit The Grove, to pick up the best key lime pie. However that was not going to happen, which was not a tragedy as were still recovering from the night before. Not having key lime pie was not the end of the world. We had only one last stop left: Walmart. I needed to stock up on all things American that I cannot get back home. The hunger was distracting, I kept wanting to buy snacks. I found smore-flavoured Oreos. They did not have a wide selection of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. There was only one flavour I had not yet tried: coconut. Thankfully they also had the caramel coffee cake, which might be my favourite one.

At this point I was a sneezing, sniffling, glassy-eyed, red-nosed miserable mess. I took an antihistamine and just sat there in a haze, waiting for it to kick in. Dinner that night was the antithesis of the “kitchen sink”: fresh veggie salad, fresh mozzarella, avocado salad and homemade bread followed by a broccoli cheddar quiche. There was no dessert, that surely would have destroyed us.


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