Florida 2015- The 15 Year Reunion- Day 5

22 Jun

Tues. June 9, 2015:

I woke up at 8am and decided it was way too early to be awake, even if I was on vacation. Even at 9am no one else was awake. At about 9:30 I got bored and got out of bed. There was no point in waiting around for everyone else to wake up and maybe go with me on a coffee run. I tore open my Dunkin’ Donuts caramel coffee cake coffee and brewed a cup. Things soon got interesting. There was an iguana in the yard and Przemek thought he could sneak up on it. As the iguana got near the lake, Przemek got brave and approached it. With that it whipped its tail and slid into the water. Przemek thankfully was just barely far enough away to not get hit.

I sat around not doing much of anything, sipping my coffee and waiting for everyone to get ready. We were heading back to Miami because Ela had work that evening. We did not manage to leave until 1pm, the more people involved the harder it is to coordinate. On the way we stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts, as it had been a few hours now since my last coffee. I caved and ordered an Oreo iced coffee. It was not very good, as the syrup did not mix well and had amassed at the bottom. Rather than each give into our cravings, Marianne and I split a Chips Ahoy cream donut- each bite was heavenly. The cream in the middle was like cookie icing. As we waited for our drinks, a guy tried to start prophesying to us about crossfit, but Ela shut him down by saying it is too complicated to explain in such a short amount of time.

The drive to Miami was not nearly as bad as the previous day, plus I was nursing a coffee and coffee makes everything better. We hung out at Ela’s apartment for a while, having lunch and then playing Bananagrams. We were waiting out the rain storm. When it showed no signs up of letting up we headed out. The thunder had passed, now it was just light rain and we were not going to let that dampen our plans.

We drove to South Beach, I was really excited about getting to gawk at the art deco hotels. On the way we passed by giant million dollar mansions, that brought to mind yachts full of bricks of cocaine and rap stars singing. This daytrip had not been planned out, it was a last minute addition as we needed to drive Ela to Miami to work and find something to do until she was done. The art deco hotels brought to mind the video game GTA: Vice City. One of the highlights of the walk was seeing Versace’s house. Their mom went up to the m’aitre d to confirm if in fact it was the house. Before she could finish her sentence he confirmed, apparently everyone asks him about it. The rain soon let up and once we were done the art deco walk we walked back along the beach. Along the way we saw the funniest thing ever. There was a guy taking selfies with a selfie-stick. These were no ordinary selfies, oh no. These were epic. He would lounge provocatively in the sand as the waves washed over him. He also took some underwater selfies, complete with sunglasses.

We grabbed our blankets from the car and sat on the beach. It was nice to just sit back and relax, especially because my legs were sore from walking for so long along the beach coupled with the workout from a few days before. This did not last very long, as on the horizon there were big dark storm clouds closing in. Off in the distance there were flashes of lightning. We watched the clouds come closer, you could see it raining far away. At some point the clouds seemed to part over one lone ship on the ocean.

On the way back we stopped because there was a lizard on the fence, just beckoning to be photographed. How could I resist? He was totally working it for my camera. It was more of a success than when I tried to photograph the lightning. I took a bunch of photographs and not one had a streak of lightning.

For dinner we went to a restaurant near Ela’s apartment that they swear by. Yambo is a Nicaraguan restaurant, where everyone only speaks Spanish. We resorted to just pointing at what we wanted from the hot table. For $6 I got an incredible amount of food, easily 2-3 meals worth. The fried chicken was amazing and the pieces were huge. The beans were overly salty though. I had a bite of fried cheese and it was amazing, I did not know that cheese could taste that good. We all ended up with leftovers, which was good because that meant breakfast was taken care of.

Back at the apartment we settled in and played some more Bananagrams and watched Friends on Netflix on my iPad. Camilla, Ela and Lucy went clubbing when Ela got back from work. I was not having it, I have been clubbing once in Miami and that was more than enough for me. I had fun staying in and playing another round of Bananagrams with Marianne. However we only lasted for one game, as we were both exhausted.


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