Florida 2015- The 15 Year Reunion- Day 6

24 Jun

Wed. June 10, 2015:
I’m not sure what was going on, but this time I woke up at 7am. I was not having it. I grabbed a sleep mask and went right back to sleep for another 3 hours. Even still I was the first one awake. As I waited for someone to wake up, I snacked on cold fried chicken leftovers. Not exactly the healthiest breakfast, but then again I was waiting for others to wake up so we could go to the Au Bon Pain in the lobby of the building. I had a hankering for some coffee, complete with a cookie (or two). Soon enough Lucy and Ela were awake. I walked Ela downstairs, since she was on her way to the gym. I opted to eat cookies instead. I was torn between getting a slice of lemon pound cake a palmier cookie, I chose the latter because apparently they had a new and improved recipe. It was a good cookie, however very crumby so I had to eat it over the sink. It was also very sticky. Once everyone else woke up we played Bananagrams and watched Friends as we waited for Ela to return.

Driving back to Davie we hit some bad traffic. We went off the highway and took surface streets until we got past the traffic and got back on the highway. Since the previous day we had been secretly conspiring to throw Camilla a bachelorette party. It was nearly impossible for the four of us to get together to plan it without alerting suspicion. And so we had a bit of a chain going, were a few of us would discuss, and then inform the others and so on, passing messages between ourselves.

Due to the impromptu nature of the plans it took a lot of fussing and secrecy. For a while we were stuck without the car, so we sat around talking and catching up on things missed. Because we did not have the car we wondered about taking an Uber car to Hollywood Beach for the evening, it was our last night in Florida (this was the excuse we used to cover the bachelorette party). We ended up getting the car at the last minute and so our plans shifted a little bit. Marianne and Ela took Uber to pick up the car from their mom’s work. Camilla, Lucy and I walked over to Publix and then to Dunkin’ Donuts. On their way back from the pick-up they would stop and get bachelorette party supplies.

At Publix we stocked up on flight snacks. I finally found my beloved Speculoos cookies (here called Biscoff) and grabbed a pack. The plan was to eat them on the flight. They did not make it past the Dunkin’ Donuts patio where I tore the package open. This time around at Dunkin’ Donuts I had ordered a Chips Ahoy Coolata (like an iced capp). And it was too sweet. For iced coffee drinks there is nothing good, so far, at Dunkin’ Donuts. I have learned to stick with the brewed coffee. Back at the house, as we were leaving Marianne filled me in on their plan to go to the party supply store on their way to pick us up. Camilla asked what we had been talking about, in a panic, I said Marianne had been putting in a donut order with me. And so we sat there on the Dunkin’ Donuts patio, eating cookies while a delicious Chips Ahoy donut beckoned to me from its paper bag as a giant storm loomed over us. On our way to Dunkin’ Donuts we watched in horror as a monster truck sped down the road and nearly slammed another car turning out of the parking lot into a ditch, it only reinforced my impression that people in Florida are terrible drivers. Almost every day we passed an accident, saw a near accident, or a wrecked car.

Once we got to Hollywood Beach, Lucy and Ela got out of the car as we searched for parking. Camilla had assumed that Lucy was still mad at her from earlier and so she did not try to tag along, saving us from awkward “no wait, stay with us… erm.. because..” and such. They went ahead to set up the party. Because I had not been to the store, I myself had no idea what to expect. When we went looking for them on the beach, I noticed that the lifeguard tower they were on had been wrapped with caution tape. I was worried it might be rickety and unsafe. As I got closer I noticed it said GIRLS GONE WILD. Still I did not clue in. Only as I rounded the corner and saw Ela and Lucy wearing little pink glittery cowboy hats that said “party posse” did I finally clue in.

To celebrate we gave Camilla a sash to wear and a tiara with a veil. We sat on the tower and ate red velvet cake and fruit. To counter all the sweet, we munched on popcorn. We talked and had music playing. We also had on our matching shirts, made to commemorate the trip and 15 years of official friendship. There was no way we were going to spend the entire evening sitting up there on the guard tower. We simply had to walk the boardwalk, plus we had to go refill the parking meter too. Camilla got a lot of congratulations and one very confused happy birthday. One guy tried to high-five us and at the last minute I reciprocated. He seemed a bit taken aback. He returned later and asked us if we partied. We said it was a hen party, ladies only. Another guy offered to give us all a ride on his bike, which made me picture a ridiculous high-wire circus act.

We walked by Ben & jerry’s and I could not help myself. Even though I had been eating cookies and cake, I found myself ordering a kid-sized scoop of Phish Food. It’s just that good. I noticed that they had candles for sale, but I don’t love Ben & Jerry’s enough to spend $7 on a small candle.

Back at the house we put our mini cowboy hats on our chicken hats and had a good meta-laugh. We rounded out the evening with a game of Kolejka. As usual, on our last night there we stayed up late.


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