Fancy Sushi

09 Jul

The list of best restaurant patios was recently updated and thus we have yet to resort to transiting on our fooding adventures. And so we found ourselves on fine afternoon, on a rooftop patio in Yorkville ordering really fancy sushi at Kasa Moto.

The rooftop patio was secluded and spacious, we sat in the fanciest booth ever (wicker and extra cushions). The patio was split into two sections, and all the while we wondered what the other side looked like. Was it nicer? Did it have a better view? It seemed like everyone was sitting over there, which no complaints here: it was nice and quiet, no pretentious people asking about where the fish is from (“Oh, I’ve already eaten fish from California this week”- no joke, heard someone say something to that effect once).

We ordered an array of food, covering a good range: two types of sushi, pork belly and waygu beef. I could not resist ordering a glass of sangria, it was made with sake! It was amazing, although it did feel a bit weird to be drinking out of a wine glass through a straw around a pile of ice cubes. It felt at odds with the fanciness of the restaurant.The pork belly and waygu beef arrived first. The pork belly was amazing, it was surprisingly not overly fatty (which was a first). I still preferred the waygu beef however. No sooner were we finished, the sushi arrived. We had ordered one traditional sushi with softshell crab and one wacky one that salmon, lobster and one other seafood. I was surprised that the softshell crab was battered and fried. It added some nice texture, but it lacked the refreshing quality of non-fried fish. What saved it was the roe. For the other sushi I found the salmon a bit too fatty, and would have happily swapped it for the roe from the softshell crab sushi.

We had ordered just the right amount of food. We were comfortably satiated but we still had room for dessert. I was so incredibly excited for dessert, like I had been talking about it in the days leading up. We were (finally|) going to Bang Bang Ice Cream and I was going to have my fill! The entire walk there I just talked and talked about how much I was looking forward to this. My first choice was to have macarons as the sandwich, then my backup was pound cake and finally if all else failed: cookies. Brent had decided early on that he would get the Hong Kong waffle to house his ice cream. The plan was, no matter the line-up, we would wait. Lo and behold, tyhere was barely a line! The ice cream gods were smiling down upon us. For a short while anyways. Once we got closer in, I saw to my disappointment that there were no macarons, no pound cake, no donuts… at the last minute I spotted Nutella pastry puffs for the win! I chose the wackiest flavour they had: birthday cake cookie dough. However after reading teh descriptions of the cookies I found out that their version of birthday cake is lemony, which is fine given I had the heads up. We would be remiss if we did not also buy some cookies, these are the guys behind BakerBots after all. It was a long time before we were able to actually eat the cookies, as towards the end we were both nearing ice cream comas.


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