Sangria With a Margarita Chaser

31 Jul

Best sangria was re-voted and so we found ourselves making dinner plans for Saturday night. The new best sangria was at Playa Cabana‘s four restaurants. This worked out perfectly, as we had been looking for an excuse to go to Playa Cabana on Dupont at Davenport. I was really looking forward to dinner, as the last two times we went the food was amazing.

We decided to change it up this time. We had tried all their various iterations of tacos, it was time to tackle burritos, enough with the sharing! I had high hopes for this burrito, and Playa Cabana delivered, more than really. For one, the burrito was enormous, I’d say at least the size of my head. The size and complexity of it (half was drizzled with red salsa, half with green, sour cream in the middle) and the sheer amount of filling made it structurally unsound. To pick it up and eat it as one would a normal burrito was simply out of the question. I watched in entertained horror as Brent attempted this very feat. Just then a server came by with knives and forks for us. Very quickly I made a mess of the artfully presented burrito. At this point I had also moved on from my sangria and was having a margarita.

The sangria was OK, it was not the best however. That title still belongs to Cafe Diplomatico. The margarita was way better. It was also confusing because Brent had ordered the red wine sangria, I had ordered the white wine sangria. But because of the fruit, mine also appeared red. The taste was different though.



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