Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts: Double Loop- Day 10

15 Aug

Sun. July 19, 2015:

Massachusetts- Connecticut- Toronto

I woke up and I was kind of looking forward to going, our bed was like a cement slab and my back was hurting. This time for breakfast I had only gotten yogurt and granola. I started watching The Grand Hotel but then I realized I would need the iPad in the airport, I bailed on watching and instead plugged it in to charge. It was nice to have an afternoon flight, it meant we did not have to rush in the morning. We still had to drive back to Connecticut and return the car. This was the last leg of the trip, our double loop. We had been driving for an hour and no new license plates. Looking at my map it seemed like no one ever leaves West Virginia.

Our car was due back at the rental at noon, we got to the airport at 12:15pm. Brent was all ready to go through security, having forgotten that first we need to get our boarding passes. It was such a small airport that there were no self check-in kiosks. At the ticket counter there was a sign saying that they would be back at 1pm. I back-tracked to the Dunkin’ Donuts I had said there was no time for. Brent wandered off and ended up going back to wait in line. Just as I arrived he was about to go up to the counter, I had impeccable timing. We got through security quickly and had time to spare. We found a pub and had lunch while watching highlights from the PanAm games. We half-joked about delays, though I was secretly worried. We had a delay-free flight back home.


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